ERP Advanced School/Institute Management System

A curriculum is a factory that produces hope for future nation. So it is as important for our country and world as human need oxygen to live.  So in a School there are lot of things that to be taken care of. Management needs lot of effort in putting manpower and time in to manage things, which in effect boost the all in all expense. How ever trusting various person to do one job wont make it perfect and effective. There is a chance of corruption which in effect damage the face of curriculum.

Dont worry we bring ERP( Advanced school/institute management system)for who those facing the issue mentioned above. Through this you can manage Registration, Document Management, Admission, Fee Management, Cheque Management, ECS Management, Concession Management, Examination, Dynamic CCE Handling, XII Board Marks Import & Analysis, Library, Reserve Book Facility, Purchase Management,  Store & Inventory, Transport, Payroll Management, Accounting, Class Teacher, Dynamic SMS Integration, Activity Module, Security,  Front Office, Time Table,  Infirmary,  Hostel Management and Mess Management. You dont need to put saparate people or record to jeep it in count, as you can rely on a single software to do your work, which will do it with 100% efficiency . also there is saparate section for each level to log in as management can control admin section through cloud admin login,  while teachers can manage cloud teachers login which comes under admin section, and parents can use cloud parent login to know their childrens time to time status, which as a result make effective collaboration between everyone involved in curriculum. Giving level base adminstration will provide classified nature to data and make management less corrupted.


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