Mahallu Management System

In Kerala, mahal (mahallu in Malayalam) commonly refers to the local unit of Islamic social organisation, with a Cathedral Mosque (Juma Masjid) at the pivotal position. Each mahallu community consist of approx – 25000-45000 individuals ….

For the first time ever in Kerala history Alfuthooh is introducing an application to manage mahallu communities by reducing it difficulties, for mahallu management.

In this application you can take your mahallu community to next level by updating it to a virtual online community. Each individuals can keep their touch even if they are apart from each other


Application features.
  • Keeping details of each members in mahallu community. Hence help the director board to manage it at ease.
  • Can notify programs to your members in just a click. Hence no one will miss the programs conducted by directors.
  • Can convey religious messages and keep them spiritually active


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